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Friday 12th February

English 9:00am 

Happy New Year! 

If you were going to through a Chinese New Year Party... who would you invite? 

Pick 5 people, ANY 5 people. Famous footballers, singers, your idol, someone you look up to, your best friend, your family.

You are only allowed 5 people at the party though! So pick carefully... 


Your job is to write them an invitation to your Chinese New Year party. 

You must include: 

1. Tell them all about what happens at Chinese New Year 

2. Why you have chosen them to come to your party 

3. What have you got planned to do at the party? (traditional Chinese New Year activities) 

4. What shall they wear?

5. What time do they need to arrive? 

6. Do they need to bring anything? 


Maths 10:30am

Number of the day 

Divide by 10 

Remember divided means shared by 


Topic 1pm 

Now you have invited people to your Chinese New Year party, you are going to have your party! 

Below are some activities you could do

Resources for English

Aut3.10.5 - Divide by 10