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Friday 22nd January

Daily active challenge: Try and do some sit ups

Bronze: 10 sit ups

Silver: 20 sit ups

Gold: 30 sit ups


English 9:00am 

Did you know?

  • Can you write 3 'did you knows...?' 3 things you found out yesterday about Winnie the Pooh that you didn't know before. The 3 you found the most interesting and what you think other people might not know. 
  • Go and find your favourite teddy 
  • You are going to think about 'the adventures of...' (your teddy) 
  • Think about where your story will be set 
  • What problem might your teddy face (Winnie the Pooh's problem is that he is normally hungry for honey and needs to find some! )  
  • How will your teddy solve their problem 
  • Complete the comic strip /storyboard to show your story of your teddy. Draw pictures in each box. You do not have to write the story. 
  • If possible, get a grown up to film you using your pictures to tell your story and get them to send it in so children at school can listen to the adventures of your teddy!


Maths 10:30 am

  • Number of the day (pick any 3 digit number)
  • Add two 3-digit numbers - not crossing 10 or 100


Topic 1:00pm 

  • Cut and decorate the finger puppets of Winnie the Pooh. 
  • Use them to tell a story. 
  • Design your own finger puppets for the story you thought about this morning 
  • Decorate and cut these and use them to tell your story of your teddy 

This is "Aut3.7.4 - Add two 3-digit numbers - not crossing 10 or 100" by White Rose Maths

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