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Friday 26th February

English 9:00am

Think back to yesterday and your fair trade lunchbox you created. You considered all of your lunch carefully, thinking about picking foods that have good consequences for fair trade farmers. 


Now think about snacks in general. Snacks you have, snacks your friend has, family has. 

Do you  consider them all to be good choices for fair trade farmers? 


Would Dr Bywaters consider them all to be good choices for fair trade farmers? 

Your probably thinking...well, no. 

So, your job is to write a letter to Dr Bywaters, to persuade him to change the school rules. 

Ask him to change the rules so that every child should bring a fair trade snack into school for play times.

Now you know all about what fair trade is and why it is important, make sure you use your knowledge to support your point. Talk about the farmers, the choices and consequences, the needs vs wants. 


The information on your knowledge organiser might help you with remembering what you have learnt this week about fair trade and why it is important.  


Maths 10:30 am 

Number of the day - 3 digit number 

Divide by 4 

Remember divide means shared by 


Topic 1pm 

Create a presentation/poster to give to Dr Bywaters along with your letter from this morning. 

This is your chance to show  him what you meant in your letter. 

If you talked about the farmers, show him what you meant with drawings. 


Resources for English

Aut3.11.5 - Divide by 4