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Friday 29th January

English 9:00am

So now you're an expert on how to successfully grow a plant! Congratulations! 

What you need to do now is to make sure other people know what an expert you are. 

Can you write a set of instructions on How to successfully grow a plant? 

  • We are looking for little tips and advice along the way. 
  • Prepositions and bossy imperative verbs. 
  • Labelled diagrams 
  • Numbered steps 


Maths 10:30 am

  • Number of the day - you can pick your own 3 digit number - can you time yourself? How quick can you fill it in? See if you can beat your time on Monday. 
  • Check answers 


Topic 1:00pm 

  • Check your seeds. How are they? What do they look like? Are the seeds in one place  growing more than seeds in another place? 

It is your last day at writing your observations of your experiment.

  • Draw/write your observations of your 3 different seeds. 

What have you noticed? 

More importantly... was your prediction correct? 

Did they grow the best in the place where you thought they would grow the best? 

Or did the place where you thought they wouldn't grow, actually grew lots? 

  • Try and think of 3 things to say about your prediction vs what has actually happened. 

Write these down as things I noticed. 

  • Get your experiment sheet and work through this. 

Just because  your experiment is over doesn't mean you have to stop growing your cress. You can continue it if you want!   


If you would like to find out more about birds you could watch the lesson below. It talks about lots of the things we have learned about in school as well as birds such as graphs and giving instructions.

Use the bird checker to see how many birds you can spot in your garden or on a walk.


Cress experiment - Friday day 5