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*Geography (Thursday)

Week 1 

Lesson 1 - What is in the UK?


What am I learning to do?

  • I am learning to use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries. 
  • I am learning about the countries, continents and oceans studied in key stage 1 (Y1/2)
  • Name the seas that surround the UK. 


What to do

Watch the clip below to learn about the countries in the UK and the seas around the UK.

Activity 1

Complete the UK jigsaw task. OR Label the countries in the UK (Twinkl sheet)


Activity 2 - Label the Seas surrounding the UK

Find out about the seas that surround the UK and add them to your map. 


Activity 3

Colour the UK flags

Week 2 

Lesson 2 - Where do I live? 


What am I learning to do?

  • To know  that I live in the UK. 
  • To know that my village is ________. (If applicable to you)
  • To know that my town is Chesterfield. 
  • To know that my nearest city is Sheffield.
  • To know that my country is Derbyshire. 
  • To know that my country is England.


Activity 1 - Where I live craft

Complete the 'Where I live craft'.

(If you are working in school complete using the school address rather than personal addresses)


1. Draw a self-portrait and write your first name, middle name and surname. 

2. Look at your street on a map. Draw the part of your street you live on and write the street name. 

3. Look at the village (............) on a map. If you live in a village draw some of the things you find in the small area your village covers. e.g. a shop, place of worship, village green, park, school etc OR copy the shape of your village from a map.  (If you do not live in a village move straight onto the next step)

4. Look at the town (Chesterfield) on a map. Draw and label your town. You could draw significant things from your town (town hall, things found in the town centre, factories, shops) OR copy the shape of your town from a map. 

5. Look at the city (Sheffield) on a map. Draw and label your city. You could draw significant things associated with cities. e.g. houses close together, lots of people, skyscrapers, tower blocks, several schools or places of worship, museums, theatres, restaurants, different kinds of public transport OR copy the shape of your city from a map. 

6. Look at the county (Derbyshire) on a map. Look at all of the towns and villages within it. Copy the shape of Derbyshire from a map or print it out and stick it on. 


Activity 2 - Write your address.

(We ask that you do not photograph this piece of work and send it to us as this is personal information)


Learn your address with your adult. 


Full Name 

Number and Street Name, 










Worksheets for this lesson