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Lesson 3: Christa Rijneveld Art

Session 1

Lesson 4: Animal Adaptations

In the last session, it mentioned that the artist would often include animals that choose the mountain environment as their their habitat in her pictures. Watch the video below to find out about some of these animals.


Animal Adaptations to the Mountains

Complete the starter task to help you think how the mountain environment meets the animal's needs. Then after watching the video complete the grid about the Yak (an animal that lives and works on Mount Everest).

If you want to take your learning further, complete the reading comprehension about either the goat or deer. Compare and contrast these animals. You might even want o make another grid to help you.

Lesson 5 – Mountain climate and people

  • Work through Slides 1-5 from the Oddizzi PowerPoint, completing the activities within them (make sure you run the PowerPoint as a ‘show’) Use the PowerPoint and to research Mountain climate and people. Complete the worksheet using.

Physical Features - Mountains - Climate, Mountain Life, and Avalanches

  • Label the diagram showing how mountains affect climate. You could read the ‘Climate’ pages in the Mountain section on Oddizzi first or alternatively read the attached active reading document.

Lesson 6- Mountain animal symmetry

Well done if you have kept up this far! To complete our week here's an art challenge. Print off your favourite half animal picture, and complete it using the tutorial below to support you.

HOW TO DRAW FUR | Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial

Yr6 SRO - w/c 31st January

Complete lesson 1 - Sir Edmund Hillary comprehension