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Geography (Thursday)

Week 1 (21.1.21)

Geography -  We are learning about map symbols

Watch the clip below. 

Learn About Maps

Activity 1 –  Look for symbols on the map of Chesterfield in your pack

Activity 2 - Trace some of the map symbols you have learnt about today. 

Find a tray, plate or plastic box. Cover the surface with a thin later of flour, shaving foam, conditioner, sugar, sand , glitter or icing sugar. (Please ensure children are supervised with these items)




Extension task - Try some of the quizzes here.

They have the symbols you would find on a real map.




Week 2 (28.1.21)


Geography– We are learning what a map key is.

Watch the clip. 


Activity 1 – Make your own map key and save it for next week's lesson

Map Skills: A Key