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Getting Ready for September

Are you ready?


The classroom is nearly ready for you to come back to. It looks very different but you've coped well will a lot of changes recently. The good news though is that we will be back together at last!

All the changes are to keep us all safe even if they seem strange at first.


PE is still on Fridays. Please come to school in your PE kit - you will wear this all day so make sure whatever you’re wearing is suitable for the weather. It might be better to wear leggings or jogging bottoms.  Please don’t wear trainers with laces (unless you are confident at tying them yourself).

This is what our classroom looks like

The tables are in rows facing the front which doesn't leave much room, but we will try to have a lot of lessons outside in the fresh air. 

We will try to keep the outside door open as much as possible to have a flow of fresh air so dress up warmly!

Where do I wait in the morning?

School starts at 8.35 for us! This is 10 minutes earlier than it was. Please try not to be late so that the building is clear for Y3 (Miss Holden and Mrs Jones) families to arrive.

You will still wait outside the classroom door but please distance yourself from each other and stay with your grown up-no running around!

Grown ups will say goodbye to you outside and the you come in-it's safer for everyone that way!

Where do I sit?
You will have your own chair which will stay as your chair until you move into Mrs Jones' class.
Where do all my things go?

Please don't bring a book bag-there isn't room for it.

Your coat will go on the back of your chair and your  lunch box (if you have one) will go under your table.

I will give you a pack with your own pencil, rubber and ruler in that only you will touch.  

Who will teach me?
This hasn't changed! Until 25th September, it's me, Miss Lawless, Mrs Asquith and Mrs Wood on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday. You know us well and we are there for you!
Where will I go to the toilet?
We will use these toilets. They used to be called the girls toilets but now they are for Y2 (us and Miss Evans) only.
Where do we play at playtime?
Our class will have our own special little playground. We will not be able to mix with other classes yet.
Where will I eat my lunch?

If you bring sandwiches, you will eat them in the classroom (we have special cleaning spray to clean the tables first).

If you have cooked lunch, you will go tho the dining hall like you used to but you will sit in a row for Y2 (Us and Miss Evans) children. 

Where do grown ups wait at the end of the day?

We finish at 3.15 NOT 3.25.

Again, outside our classroom is the waiting area but please stand back and space out.

It is very important that you are on time so that the outside area is clear for Y3 (Miss Holden and Mrs Jones) families arriving for 3.25.


Anything else?

Yes! Be prepared for LOTS of handwashing starting with as soon as you come into the classroom in the morning.

Lastly thank you for your co-operation. I really appreciate it.

I can't wait to see you all again-just like old times (well, sort of!)