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Getting ready for September

Getting ready for September



The classroom is nearly ready for you to come back to. It looks very different but you've coped well will a lot of changes recently. The good news though is that we will be back together at last!

All the changes are to keep us all safe even if they seem strange at first.


What will happen in the morning when I arrive at school?

School starts at 8.35 for us! This is 10 minutes earlier than it was. Please try not to be late so that the building is clear for Y2 families to arrive. 

Your special waiting area or zone will be area by the basket ball net on the junior playground right by the ks1 block. 


While you are waiting please distance yourself from each other and keep your children close by - they are not to go off or run around.  


You will say goodbye to your grown-ups outside and then your teacher will arrive to take you in - it's safer for everyone that way! You will then wash your hands. 


What will happen with reading books?

In the first few weeks of school we will be assessing where your child is in their reading. When this has been done new books will be sent home ready for starting in their new class. Every Tuesday a box will be placed outside the classroom door ready for the children to  return their books  as they head into class. These will then be quarantined. Two new books will be given each week and you will be assigned online books on Reading Planet so that you can read more if you want to. Reading record books can stay at home.


Our classroom

We will be back in our lovely classroom again in September. The tables are in rows facing the front which doesn't leave much room, but we will try to have a lot of lessons outside in the fresh air!


We will try to keep the outside door and the windows open as much as possible to have a flow of fresh air so dress up warmly!


Where will I sit?

Your old peg label will be on your chair. If you are new to our school, do not worry you will have a chair too. Your chair which will stay as your own chair until you move into Miss Holden's class.


Where will I put my things?

All of your things will all go on or under your chair including your water bottle,  lunch bag and your coat etc. Please don't bring a book bag-there isn't room for it.


If you are new to the school you will need a bottle of plain water to drink over the course of the day. The children will only be allowed to drink plain water except for snack time during afternoon play. If you wish you have the option of bringing a bottle of still juice or squash  but generally people just bring a snack. 


Learning resources/ equipment

You will have your own learning materials in a zippy bag. In the zippy bag you will find your pencil, glue stick, scissors,  rubber, whiteboard and whiteboard pen. 



Who will be in my classroom?

Your classmates will be there. 


Miss Evans will be there. 


Miss Langley will be there. 



And Mrs Wilson will teach you on a Wednesday afternoon. 


Will we still be able to use equipment for learning?


You will have your own learning materials in a zippy bag. In the zippy bag you will find your pencil, glue stick, scissors,  rubber, whiteboard and whiteboard pen. 



Will we still have an Art area and a Construction?


You will see some of the old equipment we  used to share such as Lego, the straws etc around the classroom. We will not be using these things because we will be doing lots of fun creative things at our tables and going on adventures outside. 


Where will we play at playtime?

Our class will have our own special little playground. We will not be able to mix with other classes yet. Our class will play on the junior playground near the basket ball net. It is just outside our block at the bottom of the steps. 



Will we go to assembly?

No but we will have a reflection in our classroom and we will still celebrate your achievements on Friday in class with medal certificates. 



Will there be any changes to our lessons?


What will happen on PE day?


PE will happen on Friday.


Please send your child to school in their PE kit on PE days. Please come to school in your PE kit - they will wear this all day so make sure whatever you’re wearing is suitable for the weather and for being both inside and outside. It might be better to wear leggings or jogging bottoms.  Please don’t wear trainers with laces (unless they are confident in tying them themselves).


To begin with the children will have their PE lessons outside. Half will go out to do PE and half will stay with the TA to do a learning activity and then the groups will swap over. 


Who will teach me on Wednesday afternoons?


Mrs Wilson will teach you on a Wednesday afternoon



What if I need the toilet?


All of the children in Y1 (our class) will use the toilets closest to Mrs Martin's classroom. 

All of the children in Y2 will use the toilets by our classroom. 


Here is a photo of the toilets you will use. 



Where will I eat my lunch?


If you bring sandwiches, you will eat them in the classroom or on the playground if it the weather is nice. 



If you are school dinners you will go down to lunch and eat your lunch at a table with other children from your class. 




If you are sandwiches you will eat in the classroom. Don't worry we have special cleaning spray to clean the tables first.​​


What about snack?

Please bring in a snack for the afternoon. It needs to be nut free. 


What will happen at the home time?


We finish at 3.15 NOT 3.25. It is very important that you are on time so that the outside area is clear for Y2 families arriving for 3.25.


Anything else?

There will be regular hand washing throughout the day. 

Thank you for your co-operation. We really appreciate it. We can't wait to see you all again.