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Harvest-November 2020

Thank you so much for your donations.

Thank you for your donations today to Chesterfield Community Food hut. It will go a long way in helping them deliver food to the vulnerable, elderly and people isolating in Chesterfield. So far they have delivered over 1200 food parcels - thank you for contributing to the fantastic work of these amazing volunteers. 

Reception (from home) - Harvest crafts

Y1 Where do our breakfast cereals come from?

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This week we have been learning about where our food comes from. We focussed mainly on breakfast and looked at a few of the other foods we enjoy that we get from grains. We talked about and wrote about our favourite food and where it comes from. We looked closely at photos of the plants that provide us with delicious breakfasts each morning and drew them.

Miss Holden's Class - Year 2 (From home)


The children looked at a video of Mick Inkpen and Nick Butterworth’s Wonderful Earth book. They then talked about how the world was supposed to be and how humans have changed it. They then discussed with their adults how we could make the world better.  One of those ideas was RECYCLING! 


The children were then tasked with making their own Christmas decorations using this idea. The decoration was a nativity scene or character out of recycled materials. Building on the work of artist and sculptor Michelle Reader. 


Here are some of their recycled creations:

Mrs Jones' Year 2s

Mrs Jones' class began this week looking at the book Wonderful Earth by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. We talked about how Christians believe God made the world. The world is made up of beautiful mountains, forests and oceans - filled with wonderful and amazing creatures.  The book showed us how, once humans were around, the world began to change; now there is rubbish pollution, air pollution and animal's homes are being cut down. This made us really sad - it will also affect how easy it is for food to be grown in many places! We thought really hard about how we could make a difference and help our wonderful Earth to heal. The children decided we could reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging. We also looked at the art of sculptor Michelle Reader. She makes beautiful art from things other people have thrown away and we thought this would be a lovely way to stop plastic being thrown away! Because we are currently working on our nativity play, we decided to make our own nativity set using plastic bottles as the base for our sculptures. We all made the character we are playing in the play! 

Year 6 Mrs Allsop’s and Mrs Smith’s class- Gardening God’s Way

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In reading, we looked at the poem performed above. We liked the way that it used word play. Listen how the poet has used the names of plants and similar sounding verbs.


Below you can see the artwork, we produced. We really enjoyed a relaxing hour, after lots of assessments, making  autumn trees.

Autumn Trees

Mr Gruffydd's Year 5 Class

We discussed how important the Harvest is and how fortunate we are to have enough food to eat. We also talked about how we can help others through donations at Harvest time and we created our own acrostic poems to show how thankful we are.