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Harvest Festival!

All week this week we will be learning about Harvest Festival and food miles. Mrs Jones did her shopping this weekend and realised her food came from all around the world. She brought it in to show us. We looked at the labels and barcodes to work out where her food came from and how far it had travelled. We discussed this a lot. Does it matter where our food comes from? Why? What impact does it have on the environment? Why might we get our food from other countries? Do we need to get our food from other countries to can it be grown or made in the UK? What could we do to help the environment?

The distance our food has travelled to reach us is called ‘food miles’. We thought in depth about the impact bringing food from so far away might have. Our food has to be transported to us and this produces pollution. We linked this to a wonderful book by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen called Wonderful Earth.
We were very sad to think about what is happening to our Earth but began to feel positive when we realised we can help!  We think we might be able to make a difference by trying to buy more foods which come from our local area, the UK and maybe by growing our own food. Some of us already have our own fruit growing in our gardens.
Having thought about which foods might have fewer food miles, we decided to make a soup using local, seasonal produce. We looked at which vegetables were in season now in the UK and our teachers bought some from a local farm shop. Farm shops are a great way to really reduce food miles and buy fresh foods! We used a recipe which we could follow - like an algorithm! We used carrots, onion, parsnip and potato. We followed the instructions, chopping, slicing, measuring and weighing. We had to read scales in 1’s, 2’s and 100’s. We put all the ingredients into a soup maker and set it before clearing our workspace.
Many of us had never had vegetable soup before, so we tried our soup...some of us loved it! We are all very proud of being able to make a soup with very little adult support. 

Here’s our video about using local produce.

Still image for this video
Here’s our recipe in case you’d like to have a go at home! Many of the children expressed a keen interest in making soup at home, having enjoyed the experience so much at school.
We wanted to spread the news and share what we had learnt so we made posters about food miles. Here are a couple of our wonderful posters.