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On this page we will keep putting photographs and messages from your Nursery teacher and TA friends! 

Hi Nursery people, how are you all? I miss you lots. Me and Toby have been on an adventure. We found a park with lots of little trees and a story chair, can you see Toby hiding in the trees? When we came home we made a den under the table with all of our favourite toys. I miss you all so much, I can't wait to give you a big squeeze.

lots of love, Mrs Groves and Toby xxx

Hello Nursery friends!

Today I went for a walk with Bob, and a friend came too. She has a dog called Bracken. Bob and Bracken enjoyed running around in the long grass, and Bracken joined Bob at his favourite activity-fetching stones from the river!

What have you been up to in the hot weather? Some of our Nursery friends have been back in Nursery or school having a good time. Have a look at the photographs on the pod 1 and pod 2a star. Who can you spot?

This week I am hoping to paint my new shed. It's very big!  Have you been helping out in the garden?

Send some photographs of all your adventures so all your friends can share.

Take care and lots of love.

Mrs Briddon xxx


Hello my Nursery friends I hope you are all ok. Have you enjoyed playing in the sunshine outside?

I am missing you all lots and loving looking at all your photos on the website. You are doing some exciting things like...splashing in the pool, going on a picnic, baking, going on a bike ride and lots more exciting things. I was sitting in my garden and it started to rain. Can you see on the photo what I spotted? Also I can hear something every day, my new friend. Can you hear it too?

Keep in touch sweethearts, send photos and tell us about the exciting things you are doing at home. I miss you lots and lots. I can't wait to give you all a snuggle. Love you all lots.

Mrs Strong xxx


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Hello my lovely friends how are you all? I have been enjoying the sunshine in my garden this week! We have been painting our fence and Mr Groves and Toby have been playing football. Have you had lots of fun too? It's a bit rainy today so we have been colouring, reading stories and building with our blocks. If you have a look on the story page there's a story for you to listen to. Take care my lovely friends. I miss you so much and I can't wait to give you all a big squeeze. Lots of love and kisses

Mrs Groves xxx

Hello lovely Nursery friends. I hope you're all doing ok and have had lots of fun while the sun's been shining.I miss you all and can't wait to see your latest pictures of what you've been doing.

Last week I ate lots of ice cream and lollipops to cool me down. We even had a visit from the ice cream van! I wonder if you've seen the ice cream van where you live? Sometimes you can hear it before you see it because it plays a lovely song.

Last week I went to Cordwell Valley for a walk with my family. We climbed a really steep hill, it reminded me of the Ninja Warrior wall on the TV it was so steep!

We spent a lot of time in the garden in the paddling pool and had a bbq too.

One night we decided to camp out in the garden in a tent and sleep in our sleeping bags. It was fun. Have you ever been camping? The birds woke us up at 5 am with their singing.They were very loud! So we all came inside and got in our beds for a bit!

Lots of love and hugs to you all

Mrs Herrett xxx





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Hello Nursery people!

Are you all ok?

This week I went to Ashover Rock.

Have you ever been there? It's very high up! Missy and Billy climbed to the top where it was really cold. Bob loved jumping about in all the heather.

I also went a walk in Somersall Park and along the river, and I saw this lovely tree with lots of decorations and messages on. That's a good idea-decorate a tree with messages for your friends or your thoughts and feelings. You could leave a message on a tree when you go a walk for someone to find. It could make someone's day-a little act of kindness!heart

I also put a photo of Bob wearing glasses on here for you, just because it's funny!cool

Keep sending me your lovely photographs. You are all so busy!

Love and miss you all

Mrs Briddon xxx

Hello my lovely friends how are you?

We had a street party last week to celebrate VE Day (we all stayed on our own gardens of course). We ate sandwiches and cake, it was lots of fun. Maybe when we get back to nursery we could have a party, what do you think? We have also been playing with lots of cars this week they are Toby's favourite!

I miss you lots.

Take care and lots of love,

Mrs Groves xxx

Hello sweethearts!

Just saying hello and hope you are all ok and having lots of fun at home. I'm missing you all and can't wait to see you and give you a big snuggle. I have just been for a walk in the sunshine and spotted lots of butterflies and could hear different birds. I bet you can hear lots in your garden or when you are out for a walk.

It's lovely to look at your photos and see what exciting things you are doing like painting, baking, playing outside and drawing.

I'm just going to sit in my garden now and eat a yummy ice cream.

Love you all lots and got buckets full of kisses for when I see you all!

Love Mrs Strong xxxx

Hi guys!

I wanted to show you what I see on my daily walk. It's a family of geese: Mum, Dad and three babies. Do you know what a baby goose is called?

Take care and miss you all.

Big hugs

Jayne xxx


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Hello my lovely Nursery friends

How are you all doing?

We've had a busy week at home. We've been for some lovely walks to see the ducks, getting muddy and digging in the garden. I did some baking! I made cheese scones-they were yummy! I can't wait to do some baking with you when we get back to Nursery. What shall we make?

I had to get the pots and pans out for Toby as he kept trying to eat all the mixture!

I love and miss you lots, but keep staying safe and home and I will see you soon

Love Mrs Groves xxxxxxxxxx

Hi guys!

Are you all ok? What have you been up to? We take Bob a walk through town sometimes. Can you tell from the photos where we are?

If you go on a walk send me some photographs and I'll try to guess where you are too!

I cut Bob's eyebrows so he can see! I think now he needs a bath, but he doesn't really like it 

I've washed my car today. Have you been doing any jobs at home?

Take care and stay safe.

Love you all ❤️

Mrs Briddon xxx

Bob after his bath!

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Bob doesn't like a bath! This is how he gets himself dry...😅

Hello Nursery people! How are you? Have you had fun in the sunshine? We had the paddling pool out at the weekend. Toby got very wet! It was my sister's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday over the phone to her...but I needed you...we didn't sing "may you always be glad, may you never be sad" at the end. Mr Groves didn't know it. Maybe you could teach it to your grown ups?

I took this photo on my phone and look what happened to my face!

Miss and love you all, Mrs Groves xxxx

Hello Nursery friends! Hope you're all ok. Did you eat lots of chocolate over Easter? I definitely did!

Last week I did some rock and pine cone painting in the garden with my boys and we also had a water fight. I got very wet! We've also been going on walks in the sunshine and we found some bluebells in the woods. There are lots of butterflies around now, I wonder if you can spot some or draw one?

This week it's  my little  boy's birthday and he will be 5 so we're having a special birthday tea with a cake.

Miss you all heaps

Love and massive hugs,

Mrs Herrett xx

Miss Murphy has some eggs in the incubator keeping warm. Can you see the little chick which has hatched?


We went for a walk in the woods. Missy and Billy went for a jog, and then practised balancing on trees which had fallen across the water. Luckily they didn't fall in! Bob loves to go in the river, and he barks until we throw sticks and stones for him.

What have you all been up to in the sunshine?

Love Mrs Briddon xx


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Hello sweethearts hope you all had a good Easter.

I am spending lots of time in my garden in the sunshine, and going a walk every day. Can you guess where I am in the photos? I have been on my daily walk with my big girl Georgia,looking at the ducks on the pond and getting some fresh air. I miss you all so much. Stay safe. Sending you all a big cuddle.

Lots of love, 

Mrs Strong xxx

Hello Nursery people! I hope you're ok and enjoying the sunshine!

Me and Toby have been spending lots of time in the garden in the sunshine. Toby likes digging in the mud the best! I have been looking at all your pictures of all the fun you've been having at home with your grown ups. 

I miss you all and can't wait until we can play together again and have lots of cuddles.

Sending you lots of love and kisses always

Mrs Groves xxx

Hello there!

I thought you might like some more pictures of Bob! He loves lying on the garden in the sunshine. He also likes to look through our front window and bark at any cats he sees! 

I have been taking him long walks. I've also been cooking and reading, and we have had a barbecue. Mr Briddon and Billy go on bike rides every day. What have you been up to?

Next week we will be putting some more ideas on the Nursery page. Remember to send me photos of what you have been doing if you can. I love to see your smiley faces. Mrs Strong, Mrs Groves, Mrs Herrett, Miss Murphy and Jayne love to see them too!

Love and miss you,

Mrs Briddon xx

Miss Murphy is looking after this duckling. She says she has called him Happy Feet because he runs all over the place and never keeps still. Yesterday Miss Murphy had to get him out from under the sofa where he was hiding!

Can you remember the song "Five Little Ducks"? I bet Happy Feet would like that song.

Fudge, Cookie and i just wanted to say hello, and that I miss you lots. I've been enjoying the sunshine in my garden. I found lots of worms. When you're in the garden see how many you can find. Make sure you look for dinosaur bones too!

Sending lots of love,

Jayne xxx

Bob wanted to say hello to you all! He's enjoying the sunshine, and going for walks.

Lots of love,

Mrs Briddon x

Hi guys! Hope you're all ok. Just wanted to say hi to you all and tell you how much I'm missing you. This week I have been planting some seeds whilst the weather has been sunny and it reminded me of our lovely song "Find a Little Seed". Can you remember the words? I'm sure your grown ups would love to hear you sing it again. Sending you lots of hugs and I'll see you all soon.

Love Mrs Herrett xxx

This is our favourite bear. He's toooo big to put in the window!

Love Mrs Groves and Toby xxx


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Hello sweethearts. Hope you're all ok. I have been in my garden and guess what I wanted to play? The floor is lava! So the next time you are in your garden ask your grown up to play and see if they can follow the rules. Missing you all and sending you lots of love and snuggles.

Love Mrs Stong xxx

Hi guys! Hope you're all ok! I've been very busy on my farm, we had lots of little calves born last week! I've seen lots of little creatures in my garden-have you spotted any? Maybe you could make a bug hotel at home like we did in Nursery?Missing you all lots and sending lots of love.

Love Miss Murphy xxx