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History - Inventors

History - Famous Inventors





Look around your home or school to find an invention that you think is incredible!

Create a poster or list of Incredible Inventions in the home.

Some ideas include: television, computer, phone, tablet, light bulb or fridge. 

Draw them on paper or in your exercise book. Label each one using your Phonics. 


Which invention do you think is the most incredible? Why?

Does it make our life, easier/ harder /safer?

What do you think life would it be like if it hadn't been invented? 

Write a sentence to tell us why you think invention is incredible.


Challenge yourself - Write a sentence to go with a few of your inventions to tell us what they do. 


Kids invent amazing things. Watch some of the inventions to see their amazing inventions in action. 

Rainbow Unicorn

Giant cake racing car

First drivable treehouse

Crazy car

Driverless shopping trolley




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