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When your child is off school isolating , we will put work that can be completed at home in this folder. There are a few weeks' worth of White Rose Maths worksheets and answers - your child can work through them at a rate of one per day. There is also a link to the Oak National Academy - just find your child's year group (3) and find the lessons for the day that they can do at home. Your child should NOT do the maths from the Oak National Academy, please just have them complete the White Rose Maths we have provided. Obviously if your child is too unwell, we do not expect them to do any learning.



The Word Collector Graffiti Art

This is the link for the Oak National Academy. Please use this link to find daily English and Foundation Subject lessons to complete at home. 


Use the link to access Y3 resources and lessons. From there it would be best to click on 'Schedule' and then begin with Monday's lessons. The lessons follow a sequence, so may not make much sense if you start with a midweek lesson or choose by topic/skill.  
Online/ Offline home learning for week beginning 21/09/20


Lesson 1-


Today I would like you to write questions that you would like to ask to Mrs Webster. You can send me a picture of these questions by email, video yourself reading them out, or read them to me on our Zoom call. I will make a list of them and send them to her. She will will record her answers to some of these and we will give the children a link to this.

Lesson 2-


Today's maths work is to complete "worksheet 1", which you can find underneath the table.


If you cannot print the maths sheet, please write your number bonds to 10 and 20.


Lesson 1-


Imagine you were the main character in the story of The Word Collector. Write a character description, remembering to use interesting adjectives and noun phrases.


If you would like to, you could write your own version of the story using yourself as the main character!

Lesson 2-


Today's maths work is to complete "worksheet 2", which you can find underneath the table.


If you cannot print the maths sheet, please write fact families for number bonds to 10 and 20.







Using this link you should hopefully be able to access some learning videos to accompany the worksheets for Monday and Tuesday's lessons.

Reading, writing, comprehension and grammar activities can be found in this text book:  Please start section 1 and work through the text together with your child. Then they can work through the questions. They will be looking at home and school around the world - see if they can make comparisons with their own environment. Hopefully we will be able to go through some of these learning tasks together over Zoom if our class or school are unable to be open for a short period of time.


History - This is an engaging text full of age-appropriate activities and information:


Geography - If your child would like to complete some geography work, I would recommend they begin with the chapter on Weather Around the World (Section 2)