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Home learning during closure



General timetable for home learning through self-isolation.


Daily learning:


Maths (1 hour), English (1 hour) & two foundation subjects (2 hours).


Please see the information below for links to the correct work for each subject. These will be updated on a weekly basis.


Maths (one hour per day):


The links below are for each day's White Rose maths work videos. Watch each one by listening carefully to the instruction and then complete the corresponding worksheet. Fill in as best you can and re-watch the video if you need help in any of the methods used. If you don't have a printer then copy and complete each question in your remote learning yellow exercise book which was sent home at the beginning of the school year.


Tuesday 5th January: Aut4.10.3 - Divide by 10 on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO3-Divide-by-10-2019.pdf (


Wednesday 6th January: Aut4.10.4 - Divide by 100 on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO4-Divide-by-100-2019.pdf (


Thursday 7th January: Aut4.10.5 - Multiply by 1 and 0 on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO5-Multiply-by-1-and-0-2019.pdf (


Friday 8th January: Aut4.11.1 - Divide by 1 and itself on Vimeo

Worksheet: Y4-Autumn-Block-4-WO6-Divide-by-1-and-itself-2019.pdf (


You should also try to fit in around 10 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars practice within your maths hour. Here is the link:

Please make sure you select the password option, not the PIN to login to your account. Your usernames and passwords are glued into the inside cover of your yellow remote learning exercise books which were sent home at the start of term.


If you want to practice your number bonds, then Numbots is also a great website which you can use your TT Rockstars login to access.

Again, use the password, (not PIN) option to login.


English (one hour per day):


Start your English session with some spelling practice. The words for this week are:

knowledge, learn, length, library.

Use your homework spelling booklet to practice them and complete the activities in full.


Then spend 10 minutes on Spelling Shed. The link is below:


Next spend around half an hour completing the Oak Academy activity in the link below:



There are also some additional worksheets within the packs which will have been posted out to you from school. These include a mixture of handwriting and spelling to be practiced together.


Foundation Subjects (two hours per day):


Try to do a selection of two or three of these subjects within your two hour slot per day.


Choose from any of the following activities to cover foundation subjects which we would be doing at school.


Charanga music: If you need your login then please send us an email and we will give to you via the school app.


Purple Mash: Your username and password for this are glued into the front cover of yellow home learning books.


Geography: We have been learning about climate zones at school so these lessons from Oak Academy follow on well from what we have been doing.


Science: We are learning about states of matter in science this term. Follow the link for videos, worksheets and quizzes.


P.E: Choose a video form Joe Wicks' youtube videos.


PSHE: All Around Me lessons in PHSE.


R.E: R.E lessons on Christianity.