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At Highfield Hall we aim to:                                                         


  • care for children and ensure that they are happy


  • ensure that all children are safe, including when necessary

referring any concerns to outside professional


  • treat all children fairly


  • give parents the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school


  • enable each child to reach their potential


  • provide work which meets the needs of the children


  • keep parents informed about progress, success and any concerns we may have


  • give parents the opportunity to become an active partner in their child’s education


  • ensure that children are polite and well mannered


  • help children develop a sense of responsibility and to care about others


  • treat parents and children with respect


  • be a good role model for children




We ask our parents to:


  • ensure that their child is in school on time


  • inform us as soon as possible about any absences


  • ensure that their child is dressed appropriately and brings any necessary equipment to school


  • attend parents’ evenings to discuss their child’s progress


  • inform us of any issues at home which may affect their child’s work or behaviour


  • support us in our policies and rules


  • support their child with reading and homework


  • treat school staff and each other with respect


  • encourage their child to become independent and  responsible


  • encourage their child to treat others with respect and consideration at all times


  • be a good role model for their children