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Presented below is an overview for homework. Please contact me if you have any concerns or queries. 

Reading Children are to read to an adult at least 3 times a week. Please can you write a comment for every time they read to you in their reading record. Reading records will be collected in every Monday. After Easter, children will read during break time for every read they miss so that they do not fall behind their peers.

Children can read colour banded books from school, any books that you have a home that are suited to their level of reading and online books on reading planet (please ensure that they do the quiz at the end). Please note that this may be different to other year groups.

Spelling From now until the end of the year, spellings will follow a rule that the children need to learn.  Children will be sent home with a spelling sheet on Monday and are to learn their spellings for a test on Friday. Ask children to focus on learning 6 to begin with and talk about the rule together.

They must aim to get 6 correct. If they score less than 6, they will spend time with an adult during break on a Monday practising this rule. 6 or over = 1 house point. All 10 correct = 2 house points.

Spelling shed can be used to help with learning these spellings.

Multiplication and Number bonds sheets Children will be sent home on Friday with 2x A5 sheets to help them with their mathematical fluency.
They should spend 5 minutes on each sheet seeing how far they get.

These are to be handed in the following Wednesday.

TT Rockstars At least 3 times a week.

Children should aim to leave Y4 being fluent in multiplication up to 12x12. Please ensure that your child is regularly practising these core timetable facts and using TT Rockstars to track their progress.

NUMBOTS is also available which helps support them with their number bonds and their fluency of addition and subtraction facts.