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Well done to everyone who completed the questions for a stone age person, the responses were excellent.



We are now onto page 3 of the booklet, the words are:






Spelling -

Children should be practicing the words on page 2, to be tested next week.

The words are;







Please do not feel restricted by the book. If you find different, and more effective, ways to practice spellings at home, then use them as well!

Homework - Questions for someone from the stone age.


The homework given out on Friday was related to the topic work we have just begun; stone age to iron age. We have looked briefly at the stone age and I would like the class to think about what they would ask someone from that era if they had the chance.

Questions could be about day to day life, hunting, shelter, families, migration/nomadic life. What would we like to find out?


Note: Homework is due in Friday 30th September, a week next Friday. Children can place finished homework in the brown tray at the back of the classroom.

We sent home reading books and spellings today.

Spelling - We are asking children to concentrate on the small number of words on the first page of the booklet in their homework folder. I have explained the activities to the children, they are self explanatory if you wish to help them, or they are confused. If your child is struggling the activities can easily be repeated on a piece of paper. We will work with children on these spellings in school as well and test them once a week.


Reading - We have assesed all the childrens reading and have selected a reading patch (collection of books) that are suitable based on this and what they were reading in school last year. Unlike in the infants, children are responsible for changing their books when they have finished and recording this themselves. The time to do this is in the morning when they arrive. If they have finished a book, please remind them of this when they come to school.

Any reading done at home will benefit all areas of learning in school, so if there are other books that children are reading at home plus; comics, tv listings, cereal packets etc, all will help. When children are reading to you please ask them questions about the text, eg;

What has happened so far?

What do you think might happen?

Why do you think that word is used?

Who is ....?

If you record everytime you hear your child reads in their reading record they will receive 2 house points.