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I can do it!

I can do it!


In Nursery we really try to encourage the children to be as independent as possible. We tell them to “have a go” first at something, and then we gently support.


If you feel you want to encourage some independence whilst your child is at home with you, these would be some great skills to develop


Helping them learn to


  • ride a bike
  • climb a tree
  • jump off a small step
  • cross the road (we practice this outside in the school grounds)
  • balance on a low log/piece of wood
  • skip
  • hop
  • stand on one leg
  • walk backwards
  • carry something heavy
  • wipe their own bottom
  • put on their coat (fastening it may be tricky!)
  • put on their shoes (if they are easy ones!)
  • put on gloves/mittens
  • use a knife and fork
  • drink from a proper cup
  • put their toys away
  • learn their full name
  • learn their address
  • unscrew a lid from a jar
  • spread butter/jam/chocolate spread on toast or bread
  • cut up some soft fruit with a safe knife
  • show each finger in turn (Tommy Thumb is a great one for this! See below)
  • learn a new Nursery Rhyme off by heart (see below. Great for language and early reading skills. I will make sure that all the rhymes listed are on the “Let’s Sing” star, so that everyone knows the tune! )
  • say numbers in order to 10…to 20. If they can do this try it backwards!
  • name colours


The best way to teach children is to show them. You do it, let them copy (although not sure you’ll be able to get on their bike…!) Choose one skill which they’re showing interest in and work on that one, little and often. If they lose interest or it becomes too stressful, leave it for now.


Let them try, and give lots of praise for trying! This develops perseverance and resilience. If they can’t quite master it and they say “I can’t”, tell them “you can’t do it yet, but we’ll keep trying and one day you will!”


If they learn to do something new and you want to share it, let me know! I could mention it in a phone call, on an email, on the website (no names), or at the live session. Or all of them!