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A highly useful document with ideas around support and links to useful websites

This is a difficult time for us all. Hopefully some of these ideas may help you and your family to stay calm and focus on the positives

  • remind your child that teachers are still working to try to sort things out. Direct them to the photographs and videos on the school website to help them to see that we are still here and we are ok.
  • try to keep news viewing to a minimum,especially around children
  • focus on the positives-most people who get Covid-19 will only get a mild dose and will be ok. Children don't tend to get poorly with the virus.
  • although life has changed a lot,try to focus on the things which haven't changed. The sun comes up every day,the birds still sing. Your house is the same, as well as your street. Lots of things have stayed the same.
  • if your child talks about missing people-family, friends and school staff-encourage them to make something for that person. A card, a picture,a letter.
  • try to all focus on the things you CAN control to stay safe. You CAN stay at home. You CAN wash your hands.
  • try to all get some fresh air every day,even if this is just through a window/on a balcony. And exercise really does help you to feel good!
  • try to stick to a little routine if you can, getting up and dressed,and break the day up into sections or jobs to do. It really can help!


And finally parents-be grateful for a good day. Feel a sense of achievement! And if it wasn't such a good day-be grateful it's over and start again tomorrow!



A booklet to help with anxiety...a printed copy can be found in the outdoor classroom

A 14 day mindful challenge

A good way to help you feel calm and in control is to control your breathing. In school we have learned how to do this using a Brain Break. Here is a video of one of our lovely Year 2 children running a Brain Break, why not use it at home?

Brain Break

Still image for this video