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Hello Highfield Hall People.

I know this is such a difficult time for our children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities). I will list some ideas on here which might help (or might not-feel free to ignore!)


My email address is

Please feel free to contact me to say hello, to say "help!", to tell me how you're getting on,to connect. Send an email from your child if you think it will help-I am happy to respond as soon as I can.


Some ideas which may help

  • create a routine (if this is something you think your child needs).Let them help you to create it. Use pictures or words, and if it helps for them to stick to it every day, try to when you can.
  • if your child is anxious about trying to follow a school routine,email their teacher to ask for ideas. You wont be able to stick to a school day! No expectations to! But you could do a little bit of maths/phonics/writing etc in the right places on the right day if it helps
  • if a whole day's routine is too much, try first/then, with just two activities. Use pictures if you can to help them understand what is expected (just draw on post its!)
  • keep activities short, and plan plenty of time for movement and breaks
  • when stressed (you or them!) don't worry if the routine falls apart or your child isn't feeling it!
  • remind your child that teachers are still working hard to try and solve the problems. Direct them to the photographs and videos on the school website which might give them some security that we are all still around
  • direct them to the pages of younger classes if activities are easier. Tell them they can pretend to be the teacher
  • go with their interests
  • try not to have the news on near them if it is making them anxious. Focus on the good stuff-most people who get Covid-19 will only get mild symptoms, and children don't tend to get poorly
  • GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Please be kind to your self. Stick on a movie for them and have a nap! You are doing a great job!
  • jobs around the house are great to keep them busy and develop life skills, and children are still learning! if they want to help with cooking/cleaning/tidying give them a job to do
  • At the end of each day give yourself a pat on the back. You did it! You are wonderful parents (I know you are!) If it was a good day-great! If a not so good day-it's over, and tomorrow is another day!
  • try to talk about the things which haven't changed-your house, the sky, the birds, your street etc
  • if your child does no school work...don't worry! When this is all over they will come back to us and we will scoop them up, love them and set them off again on their journey. We're all in the same boat!


Lots of love

Sally Briddon x

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