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We have been learning about George Stephenson and about the timeline of transport inventions. We decided to invent some things of our own! Our inventions are incredible!
We designed and made a crane to help the Easter Bunny deliver eggs to tall buildings. We used a saw to cut wooden doweling and created a working mechanism. We used empty 2 litre bottles as a stable structure and attached a basket using string. We are sending our prototypes to the Easter Bunny, we hope he likes them!
We went to Chesterfield to learn about why George Stephenson was so important to our local area. First we went to a classroom inside the library where we wrote some questions about George Stephenson.
We then went to the museum to see if we could find the answers to our questions.
We went to the train station. We found the first train station building where George Stephenson worked, we also found a statue of him outside the new train station building. We then went to watch some trains arriving at the station. We had lots of fun!
We also went to St Mary’s and All Saints to see the stained glass window panel devoted to George Stephenson. He’s so important to Chesterfield that he is the only person who has a whole panel all about them!
We saw some references to George Stephenson on our travels.
We also went to Holy Trinity church to find out where George was buried.
We had an eventful last week of term! We were inventors. We designed our own inventions and decided which materials we might need. Some of us had to adapt our design as we went along. We independently build our inventions, problem solving to join different materials together. 
Then the Easter Bunny visited and left some eggs in the Easter baskets we had made. It looks like he also forgot to wipe his feet!