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We have been learning all about Japan which is in Asia. We have compared towns and countryside and drawn observational drawings of each. We have compared modern and traditional clothing from both countries and learnt all about kilts and kimonos!

Today we compared food. In Japan, they eat a lot of rice, noodles, fish and vegetables. We watched a Japanese mum preparing onigiri which are rice balls. Then we tasted some Japanese food! We did mindful tasting - looking touching, smelling and tasting while really thinking about what we can sense. If we liked the food, we ate it! We tasted seaweed, rice crackers, seaweed rice crackers, butter biscuits and Hello Panda chocolate biscuits. Everyone found at least one new food we really like.

As part of PSHE we though about how to keep ourselves healthy and fit. We know we have to keep our teeth clean to be healthy so we wrote instructions to tell everyone how to look after their teeth!