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We have started our Japan topic by looking at our home town first. We have looked at the geographical features of a town. To do this we went on a walk - just a long the road, then came back to school and make a word bank of the features we had found. 

Pictures of the features

We then looked at a Japanese town (Tsuwano). We explored using Google Earth and looked at the features. We made a list of these features in our books. We then looked closely at the houses in the town and drew an observational drawing of a house from the Town. Looking closely at the shapes and patterns on the buildings. 

We looked at the English countryside. We explored using Google Earth and looked at the features. We then used chalk pastel to recreate a photo of Ben Nevis in Scotland using new techniques with our chalk pastels. 

Features of the UK country side

Ben Nevis - we tried to recreate this picture below using chalk pastels.

We looked at the Japanese countryside and compared it with the UK, we found the feature of the countryside were very similar but looked different e.g. the houses were made out of different materials etc. We then found a picture of the Japanese countryside and practised out chalk techniques to create a countryside picture. 

Japanese countryside

Japanese countryside chalk pictures

We look at traditional dress in both cultures. We looked at items such as kilts, Beefeater uniforms, Morris men outfits. We also looks at Kimonos and the significance towards them. 

The children had a look at traditional Japanese food. We found out that Japan’s traditions cuisine is based upon seasonal foods. We looked at sushi and rice. The children were given a variety of different Japanese foods found in the supermarket, we talked about the foods, what they looked like, smelt like, might taste like and if any of the children had eaten them before. We then talked about the use of chop sticks in Japanese culture. The children were then given a lesson on how to use them. We then practiced using then by picking up mini marshmallows. 

This week we have explored London and Tokyo. We have looked at the features of cities and what we might find in each one. The children were very impressed with the scale of each city. With some even saying they wanted to move to London! 

We then compared both cities, thinking about what features they both had. We have been learning to use noun phrases. So we tried out hardest to use as much description as we could! 

We looked at an artist called Paul Klee. Who was a Swiss born painter, with a unique style that was influenced by expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and orientalism. One of his painting "Castle and the sun" looked a lot like a city sky line. We took inspiration from his work and decided to create our own version of his picture. Using 2D shapes we made our own version of Tokyo. The children worked in partners to make these pictures, dieciding in pairs where each shape would go. Then colouring a side each. They tried their hardest to use a side to side shaping technique. Well done everyone - great team work! 

Paul Klee's - Castle and Sun