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Learning at home

On this page  there are fun ideas and links to good websites for learning at home. Some of the activities link to the theme in Nursery (see the stars below) These ideas will be useful to extend your child's learning and thinking at home, and for if your child or family are isolating due to covid, or school closures.

Please keep in touch with for any advice or to share learning and photographs by emailing me at


REMEMBER...children learn by doing. Get your child involved in tasks around the home. This is great for life skills and learning! Chat with them as you "do" anything! Conversation ignites the language part of the brain. Please don't think that this time has to be all about numbers, letters and "school stuff"!


If your child is at home and would like a phone call please contact me through email and we can set up a good time to talk!

During school closures we will keep in regular contact through telephone calls/emails/live lessons (see below!)



From February 22nd...

Live sessions will continue, every morning at 9.30am, and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon at 1.30pm.

If your little one is shy, just turn off your camera and microphone so that they can still see us and feel connected!

Afternoon sessions consist of scavenger hunts, games of musical statues, dancing and squiggle while you wiggle...come join the fun!


There is a new page below-The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Take a look for ideas at home.

Activity packs will be available in the outdoor classroom from Wednesday 24th February.

Take care,




Good websites for little ones!

These websites will keep updating, and I will keep adding to the list. 


Tiny Happy People






Hungry Little Minds



Click on the stars below for activities and ideas related to themes we are following in Nursery...