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Lego challenge

This week one of Emily’s friends challenged her to a Lego building challenge, it was lots of fun and chance to be imaginative and creative, so I thought you might like to have a go.



Design your own Lego model. All designs must include at least one moving part and should contain no more than 150 bricks. 

When you have completed your design someone in your house needs to judge your entry on the following criteria:

  • Artistic flare - for the use of colour, is the design symmetrical, additional decoration
  • Moving part - for how well this actually works
  • The overall model - engineering, is it stable, the structure, does it fall apart 
  • The idea - the imagination of the design, originality

Each criteria is worth a mark out of 10. 

Also measure the width and height of model as points will be added by me. 

Send videos/ pictures and score sheets via my email address.


Here is Emily’s as an example:


Still image for this video