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Let's build it

In the construction area the children can choose wooden blocks of varying shapes and sizes. The blocks are open-ended, which means they can be anything! As they build, the children are learning about shape and size, and problem solving as they construct. They can develop their own ideas, and play collaboratively to create large and complex structures. We add people, cars, animals etc to extend the play, and of course chalk and writing equipment for planning and messages!

Sometimes the whole point of building something is to watch it fall down!

All fall down!

Still image for this video

Adding different building equipment brings another level of skill and curiosity.

We added some magnetic resources for the children to create structures with...

It’s great to see groups of children work together to build. Here the children fetched blocks to create an enclosure for some animals. They chatted, planned and organised. Lots of learning!

Team work makes the dream work!