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Let's get messy!

Being creative with different resources allows children to use their imagination and express themselves, whilst trying out new ideas. They can experiment with colour and texture, and develop their sense of touch and observation skills. Often we focus on the process and not the product, and at times it can get a little messy! Using all their senses helps children to engage and learn about the world around them.


Exploring paint, indoors and outside.

Easter nest buns

Everybody likes an Easter bun, complete with tiny eggs! The children loved melting and mixing, then counting 3 eggs into the nest. Making and baking food is a great way for young children to explore with all their senses, and is a great life skill.

Easter messy maths.

We created an Easter tray, with straw, eggs and chicks. Adding tweezers encouraged the children to develop their pincer grip, and adding numicon encouraged counting and recognising how many.The children enjoyed finding out how many little eggs would fit inside the bigger eggs, and playing with the straw, which has a different texture and smell.

And now my tummy’s beginning to favourite food is GRUFFALO CRUMBLE!

The children looked at the recipe and made Gruffalo crumble for the Big Bad Mouse. Linking activities to stories helps develop language skills, and following the recipe means we’re using our maths skills too!

Mixing blue and red to make purple Gruffalo prickles 💜

And red and yellow to make his orange eyes 👀

We added red resources to large hearts on Valentines Day 😍

This week, instead of painting on paper, we painted on foil.

We set the table up with oats and glitter, as the children had shown an interest in scooping and filling…

It didn’t look like this for long, as the children engaged with the play. Some of the oats were transported to different areas. Children then helped sweep up! A lovely sensory experience, involving fine motor development and measuring.

Exploring pumpkins