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Let's Move

Movement is great for young children, and something they need to do a lot of! Here are some ideas and websites to keep them on the go (and hopefully tire them out!)

Exercise releases endorphins-the happy hormone. And we all need lots of that right now!


  • Musical statues and musical bumps are great! And can last a long time (you can be the DJ and control the music)
  • In Nursery we are trying some animal yoga-a different kind of movement. We have learned the balances and next we’re going to think about our breathing. A great way to calm.
  • Daily walks/scoots/bike rides are brilliant-fresh air is also great for everyone’s well being
  • Jumping on the bed or settee is lots of fun-if it’s allowed. 5 Little Monkeys is a great rhyme to sing here!
  • Obstacle courses are good, climbing under and over. You could add instructions at various points eg “5 star jumps” or “10 hops”
  • Practising a new skill such as skipping (young children find this tricky!)
  • Crawling is a good one-this movement also uses both sides of the brain
  • Get wiggling-at the afternoon Teams sessions we often do a “squiggle while you wiggle session” The children are familiar with the three songs that we use. See below! Get 2 pieces of material or scarves and let them show you what we do! These movements link to writing, so afterwards you could practise making the marks with 2 pens and paper.

S Club 7 - Reach

Practise up and down and across movements-side to side and cross overs

Rizzle Kicks- Mama do the Hump LYRICS ON SCREEN.

Make bridges (like a m...go over and under)

You spin me right round (like a record baby) lyrics

make circles with both arms-go round both ways.

  • Have a disco
  • Learn a new dance In Nursery we use “Superman” and “Agadoo”  (both by Black Lace)but there are so many-The Time Warp, The Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Chocolatta






And action rhymes and songs are brilliant! Try...


Hokey Cokey | Mr Tumble Songs | CBeebies

Mr Tumble Songs | Head, shoulders, knees and Toes

CBeebies: Something Special - If You're Happy and You Know It - Nursery Rhyme

CBeebies: Something Special - Sleeping Bunnies - Nursery Rhyme