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Life Cycles of Amphibians

To begin, read the information from the information page below that tells you about the life cycles of three different types of amphibians.  You should be familiar with what an amphibian is now after last week's reading activity.


BEFORE you complete the activity, watch the short video below about the life cycle of a frog.  You'll have to watch carefully because there's no commentary (sound): just lots of images that explain the different stages of the life cycle.



Life cycle of a Frog!

Once you've read the information page and watched the video, cut out the images and place them in the correct order to show that you understand the different stages of each creature's life cycle. Choose resource sheets that interest you.When you have stuck down or drawn the images in the correct order, write a description underneath each image explaining what is happening in each of the different stages of the life cycle.


Answer the following questions:

  • What do the amphibians' life cycles have in common?
  • What differences are there in their life cycles? Explain. Make comparisons.