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Local Democracy - Improving Chesterfield

We received a thank you video!

On Monday morning we received this letter to invite us to take part....

From 17th to 21st January, Year 3 will be completing a week’s work on improving Chesterfield. This is a pilot project by the European Council and we have been specially selected to take part. The title of the week is How to make your town a better place. During the week, we will visit Chesterfield to look at what is good and what we would like to improve. We will work with local councillors to talk to them about our plans, and write a letter to the local council about what we think they need to consider improving. 

We are very excited to have been given this opportunity to complete the pilot of this project and feed back to the European Council. 

Take a look below to find out about the services that the council provides and a link to a quiz about local democracy. 

The services that the council provides:


  • Benefits and advice – support for people about their money
  • Bins and recycling – homes and business waste, recycling centres (the Tip)
  • Local businesses – Markets, shops, licenses, Health & Safety
  • Council Tax – making sure that people pay the correct amount so that the Council has enough money to run
  • Environmental issues – air quality, contaminated land, dangerous buildings, food poisoning, infectious diseases, invasive and harmful plants and weeds, light nuisance, noise control, smoke and dust
  • Housing – council housing, repairs to properties, careline for the elderly and vulnerable, rent collection
  • Sport and Leisure – 2 leisure centres, parks and green spaces, woodlands, allotments, theatres and rooms for hire
  • Planning – new buildings, major developments, land searches, conservation and heritage, emergencies
  • Parking, Roads and Travel – car parking, roads, pavements, footpaths, street cleaning
  • Civic events – parades, Christmas lights and events, Market event days