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Lost and Found

We’ve been making habitats for different animals...

We had a Lost and Found office - we wrote and typed a list of animals using phonics.

We investigated some objects Mrs Jones found on a walk. We decided they were seeds and then identified which trees they were from!

We learnt about classification of animals and have started to learn how to decide which classifies animal belongs to.

We had a special visitor to school...we used what we knew to work out what classification this animal belonged to!

We found out it had scales and a hard shell, and that it was cold-blooded. We think a tortoise is a reptile.

The children were inspired to create pictures, models and habitats for the tortoise. Some even made shopping lists for her dinner!

Children identified and collected the right plants for her dinner and some children chopped fruit and vegetables too.

We used a map of the school grounds and a key to identify part of the school. Children used phonics to read the key and found the pond behind the key stage one building,

We had two more visitors to school. The children observed them to see if they could identify what they were and which classification they belonged to.

The fur was the biggest clue and the children quickly decided these were mammals - like us!

The children helped to look after the guinea pigs, feeding them and chopping up fruit and vegetables for their dinner.

The children were inspired to produce models, pictures and writing about our guests. Some read about Guinea pigs or read TO them, some made habitats and others were talking about mammals and reptiles - comparing features of each classification. What brilliant learning!

We freeze framed the story of Lost and Found using stick puppets. We carried on with this during independent learning time in the small world area.

We talk about feelings all the time in Year 1, but focused on this for Mental Health Awareness day as part of #mellowyellow. We made kindness hands, Gratitude Soup, and filled our friends’ buckets with good feelings.