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Make your mark.

We provide lots of different resources around the Nursery for children to make their mark. Chalks, pens, felt tips and crayons are always on offer, at the writing centre and in other areas. Clipboards, paper, notebooks and diaries are available to write on or in, and there is sticky tape, glue and scissors too.

Get squiggling! ✏️🗒🖍

We provide different types of scissors for children to practice their cutting skills. Using scissors is tricky. Look at the concentration!

Chalk is a great resource for outdoor mark making…it washes off with the rain!

The children are having a go at writing their names at the beginning of the session. The names are laminated and they use a dry-wipe pen.

Look at the concentration!

We painted a low table with chalk board paint. Then provided the chalk-lots of interest!

We provided paintings of wild animals, and small world figures, to inspire the children to draw. We encouraged them to look closely at colours, and add details to their drawings. 🦒🐘

Providing clipboards around the environment means there is always a writing resource. Some children prefer not to sit at a table to write, and that’s ok! Writing menus and food orders is always popular.

We like to create opportunities for the children to be writers outside. Large pieces of paper stuck to the fence mean children can write in groups, and can stand up and reach up to write-good for their core strength.