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Maths ~ Summer Term

This week we are playing the games involving reading scales, reading clocks, number sequences and money. 


Maths ~ Spring Term


Money - making totals, paying the same amount with different coins, solving problems involving money.



This week we have been learning all about shape.

We have learnt that 2D shapes are flat and cannot be held. We describe them using words such as sides and corners. 


Can you make a repeating pattern using 2D shapes? 

Can you design a fancy floor design for the castle?


We have learnt that 3D shapes can be held. We describe them using words such as faces, vertices (or 1 vertex) and edges. 


Print some nets to make your own 3D shapes.

You can count the faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes using this handy tool below.


Play the games below to test your knowledge.


Other games



Rounding to the Nearest Ten.mp4

Still image for this video

Rounding to the nearest 10 ~ Week 4

This week we have been rounding numbers to the nearest ten. These images and rhymes help us to remember the rule.


5 and above give it a shove. 

4 and below, let it go.   




Play rounding games here.


Bridging ten and counting on ~ Week 3

This week we have been solving addition calculations with missing boxes by using numberlines, bridging ten and counting on. 


Blue, Yellow and Green Group -


Red and Purple Group - 



Place Value ~ Week 1 

This week we have been learning about place value.



We have been using place value to add. On some scrap paper, work out the answers as you play by drawing your tens and ones. We did ours like the example below but we drew 32 at the top and then drew 21 under it so the tens were in a column and the ones were in the other column to help us count them.


Maths ~ Autumn Term