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Here at Highfield Hall we encourage our children to investigate and explore in maths. We use lots of concrete resources and real-life experiences to enable children to fully engage in maths and understand the concepts they encounter. This is an approach recommended by maths specialists and consultants across the globe to enable children to fully understand key underlying principles. In this way we are ensuring children learn through understanding and experience.


"All our experience and what we learn from research indicate that learning based on understanding is more enduring, more psychologically satisfying and more useful in practice than learning based mainly on the rehearsal of recipes and routines low in meaningfulness."  Derek Haylock and Ann Cockburn

Autumn 1

We have started Year 2 by checking what we can remember about 2 digit numbers- can we still read, understand and partition them? We read the numbers, made them with Dienes, partitioned them into tens and ones and explained what we did to a partner. 



We then played a really fun game on the interactive white board to check we could identify a number made using Dienes. Here's a link so you can practise it at home too!


We did some reasoning around place value in groups. We had to sort cards into categories of 12, 21 or trash!

We really had to make sure we understood place value to answer. We explained to our friends and worked together.

Picture 1
Picture 2
This week we have been learning about subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number. We talked a lot about which number must go first, and why that is important. We have been using number squares to help us. We are getting very good at remember which direction to move on a number square now!

Weight and Measure

Weight and Measure 1 Weighing items on scales using grams
Weight and Measure 2
Weight and Measure 3 Measuring different lengths using a ruler
Weight and Measure 4
Weight and Measure 5
Weight and Measure 6
Weight and Measure 7 Measuring and cutting 2cm strips and 5cm strips
Weight and Measure 8
Weight and Measure 9 Measuring volume and reading a scale
Weight and Measure 10