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In maths, we have been working on number bonds to 10 and 20. We have then started thinking about how to use bonds within ten to help with simple addition. So, 6+7 = 10+3 = 13


To help us understand this we used ten frames and counters. We made the first number using red counters on a ten frame. We then made the second number using blue counters and added them, completing the first ten before placing the rest of the counters on a new ten frame. For the example above, we placed 6 red counters on a ten frame. We then counted out 7 blue counters and placed them on ten frames, completing the first ten before adding to a second frame. On the first ten frame we had 6 red and 4 blue counters, and we had 3 blue counters on the second frame. We are working towards being able to ‘see’ numbers and how they work in groups of ten, using this knowledge to be able to easily add and subtract.