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Exploring equivalent fractions

Properties of 2d shapes

Guiding each other around the classroom using our fraction and turns language

Turning using fraction knowledge

Fractions on a number line

How many fractions can Miss Sullivan eat? What happens when she eats 3/3? Other than be sick...

Beginning to see fractions as parts of a whole

Tricky calculations

Sometimes we may not know the answer, but we know how to work it out!

Using bar models to represent multiplication and division

Making equal groups is key to multiplying and dividing

Multiplication and division

Multiplication as repeated addition

Multiplication as arrays

Multiplication as equal groups

TTRockstars tournaments

Still image for this video

Big calculations? No problem, expanded formal written method to the rescue!

Bar modelling for large calculations

Number lines to 1,000

Making numbers different ways. This still says 566!

100 = 10 tens and 10 = 10 ones

How many ways can you make a number using tens and ones?