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Autumn 1 2016

In weeks 4 and 5 we were learning our number bonds to 10. We find using our hands really useful for this as we know we will always have 10 digits in total. We have been learning how to find the bond to ten by putting the first number of fingers up and counting how many are 'hiding'. Eg How many do I add to 7 to make 10? (Children will put 7 fingers up and count the remaining fingers) The children will give the answer 3.  We are aiming for children to remember these number facts and then the bonds to 20 by the end of the year.  They have made a great start!


We have been using a song to help us to remember. The children LOVE Farmer Pete! - Farmer Pete!

When we started ordering numbers we looked at all the numbers to 10 and 20 and put them into the right order.

We used number cards and playing cards to do this. Once we could do this, we then moved on to 3 or 4 numbers and we can now put them in order from smallest to largest. We know that if we have the numbers:


       2       15     6      5


The correct order (from smallest to largest) is:


    2    5   6  15



We are getting really good at this now!  smiley - Ordering number games to play!

We have been learning the months of the year through song!

Still image for this video

We went on a shape hunt to find 3D shapes in the outside environment.