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Day 1

Click the video ‘Introducing the ruler’


Practice measuring in cm by playing this online game 



Day 2

Click the video ‘Measure length’


Complete the questions on this worksheet or on paper.


Day 3

Click the video called ‘Adding Lengths’


Have a go at the worksheet provided.




Find 2 small items around the house and put them end to end on the ruler or measure them separately and add the lengths together.

Can you find the total length? 


Measure different lengths of wool or paper strips in whole centimetres e.g. 4cm, 2cm, 1cm, 7cm. etc.

Ask your child to choose 2 lengths. Measure them and add the numbers to work out the total length.

Stick them on a sheet of paper so they make one long length and check the length is the same as your prediction. 




Day 4

Click the video called ‘Subtracting Lengths’ 



Watch this together- Activity to try together 


You will need 2 coloured pens or pencils, a piece of paper and a bowl of items that are all the same in size e.g. cereal hoops, paperclips, card tiles etc. 

Draw 2 lines for your child to measure using different colours. 

Both lines should be lined up under each other and start from the same point. 

Make sure both lines can be measured with the items you are using to measure (e.g. if using paperclips make sure the lines are exactly 4 paperclips long and 7 paper clips long.

Ask your child to measure them. 

Work out together how much longer or shorter by finding the difference.  


Find 2 things to measure. Put them side by side.


Day 5

Click the video ‘Introduce weight and mass’


Do the activities in the video. Find things to make a container heavier or lighter. 


Play the following games to work on heavier and lighter