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Miss Holden Year 1

Welcome to Miss Holden's Class!

Welcome to Miss Holden's Class! 1

Big Draw Day

Big Draw Day 1 We looked at religious buildings in our area.
Big Draw Day 2 We used tracing paper to sketch like Quentin Blake
Big Draw Day 3 We created backgrounds using our own ideas.
Big Draw Day 4 Next we will add splashes of colour and assemble.
Big Draw Day 5 We know it's important to respect others' beliefs.

A giant egg has been spotted on the roof of our school!!

A giant egg has been spotted on the roof of our school!!  1
We decided to make "found" posters to put up around school. Hopefully the mother of the egg will return.

Two of our "found" posters!

Two of our "found" posters! 1
Two of our "found" posters! 2

Useful Information


Please keep a look out for daily updates on the classroom whiteboard each morning.


Reading books


The children's books can be changed everyday, so if your child has read their book at home please return it in the morning and it will be changed.


P.E. Day


We will have P.E. on a Tuesday morning. Please make sure your child's hair is up in a bobble if it is long and earrings are either covered with tape or taken out.


Library Day


Library books will be changed on a Wednesday afternoon, please ensure they are returned on a Wednesday so your child can choose another book.