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Miss Wilkinson Reception

                                              Settling into our new class!


We have been getting to know our new friends and trying lots of fun activities! We have been sharing books with our friends, building models in the construction area, making faces using different materials and practising forming our letters.  



The Egg!


A mysterious egg appeared on the roof of our school. The police came to investigate and we went to investigate too! We took photographs and talked about what we thought might have happened. How did it get there? What sort of creature could have laid the egg?

Our visit to the local library


We really enjoyed our visit to the library. We sat and listened carefully to a story. The grown ups enjoyed the story too! Then we got to choose a book to take home. We met the helpful library staff and they showed us how to use the self service machine to check our books out. We had a great day!


Outdoor Learning Week - October 2015


Here are some photographs from our outdoor learning week. We enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities. On the first day we learnt all about Autumn. We made leaf crowns, we made beautiful patterns using conkers dipped in paint, we played leaf games and we created hedgehog spikes using paint and forks. On the second day we measured the height of pumpkins, estimated the circumference of pumpkins, dissected pumpkins and used tools to safely hammer tees into pumpkins. We also made some sight, smell and sound potions! On day three we listened to the story "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" and we used art to tell the story. On day four we made pumpkin pictures by painting our fingers, we looked for ingredients in a witch's soup and we ordered spiders with numbers on. On the last day our grown ups came in to see what we had been learning! 



We have been learning all about the Diwali story this week. We have acted out the story, made diva lamps, tasted Indian food and created our own rangoli patterns using chalk, paint and coloured lentils. 

Balance Bikes


We have been practising moving and controlling our balance bikes in preparation for our visit to Queens Park. We have learnt about how to be safe on our bikes. We have learnt to glide on our bikes and how to come to a stop safely.  






We have been learning about capacity in maths. We have been practising filling bottles with different amounts of water. We used funnels to help us carefully pour the water into the bottles. Some of the bottles were full of water, some were half full, some were nearly full and some were empty. 

Finding out information from non-fiction books


We looked through some non-fiction books to find out information about polar animals. We learnt how to use the contents page to search for information and find the right page number for different facts. Here are a few pictures of us using the non fiction books to find out facts about polar bears. We learnt that polar bears like to eat seals and they have a thick fur coat to keep them warm. 

February Outdoor Learning Week


On our outdoor learning week we went on a bear hunt! We took part in lots of different activities during the week. Here are a few pictures from the week. We built an obstacle course and then retold the story by going over, under and through different objects. We searched for different types of bears outside and then counted up the number of bears by using a tally chart. We built dens for a bear and a hotel for mini beasts using natural and man-made resources. We had lots of fun making bow and arrows using sticks, leaves and wool. We created bark rubbings and looked at the patterns we could see on the bark. We also explored water and mud by feeling the texture of different types of mud, making a mud bomb picture, creating different sounds in water and investigating which objects could float or sink. 




We have been learning about the emergency services as part of our 999 topic. We have enjoyed lots of role play about the emergency services. We had a visit from the police and Christine from St John's Ambulance. We explored inside a police car and we have learnt all about the important jobs that the police, ambulance service and fire service do.