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Monday 16th November



LO:  Interpret Charts

Watch the video here

Work through the worksheet alongside the video.


Finished quickly and have more time? There is a reasoning and explaining task at the bottom of the page.



15 minutes of TT Rockstars. We have started a rock tournament in competition with Miss Riley’s class.





Lesson 1 – to engage with the text

When you have finished the lesson on the video, you could choose a book you know well and design a front cover which gives some clues as to what happens in the book, just like the front cover of "The Demon Dentist".  Don't give too much away though!



Choose an activity from your pack - a reading comprehension or a SPAG mat


15 minutes on Spelling Shed – I have set up an assignment for this week.

Reading a book of your own choice.




Purple Mash – all children should have their log ins for Purple Mash, if not please let me know so I can get them for you.

We have been learning how to code to give instructions to programs.

Have a go at the 2Code Activities – Chimp,




If you are feeling confident you could have a go at creating your own coded scenes using the Free Code scenes at the end of the Chimp section.


Stay Active - You could choose a short workout to follow from Joe Wicks or do an activity of your own choosing.