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Monday 18th January

Daily active challenge: Frog jumps   

GO WITH YOYO - Fitness Fun For Kids

Bronze: 10 jumps

Silver: 20 jumps

Gold: 30 jumps


9:00am - English 

There are two special days this week that we would like to acknowledge and celebrate. The first being, 'Martin Luther King day' which falls today. 

Your job today is to find out as much as you can about Martin Luther King and why he is known today. 

  • First, read through the information and draw what it makes you think of.
  • Write down some facts about MLK that maybe you didn't already know and you find really interesting. 

If there's any tricky words that you're not sure of, write them down or underline them, you can ask Mrs Wood on teams for the meaning of them, or a grown up at home. 

  • Have a go at the questions after you have read and understand the information. 
  • You can also watch Kid President tell you all about MLK and write facts down that you didn't know. 



Maths 10:30am:

  • Number of the day (you can pick any 3 digit number)
  • Mixed addition and subtraction problems. 

(You might need your maths resources today that you collected to help you work through these problems) 



Topic 1:00pm 

Now you're an expert on Martin Luther King, use the picture of him to create a fact file/poster. Use as many of the interesting facts from today's English lesson that you can. Make sure you include important information such as why he is famous? when was he born? when did he die? 

Include the timeline of MLK for extra info!

You can present this however you want. Children in school will be using 2 pages of their exercise books to spread out all of their information and make it look like an information poster. 



Once upon a time, there was a man named Martin Luther King, Jr. He taught us that things won't always be awesome, but your response can be. Remember, things ...

- Mixed addition and subtraction problems" by White Rose Maths