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Monday 1st March



9am – 9.15

Weekly spellings –


Using a dictionary and write the definitions of the spelling words from the sheet below.



Online session

9.30 – 10.30


LO: To convert mixed numbers to improper fractions


Watch the video about mixed numbers and improper fractions from the link below and complete the questions on the worksheet. The worksheet is on the home learning page or can be collected from the outdoor classroom.


You will need a pencil, paper and the worksheet below – if you can’t print the work sheet off you could write the answers in your home-learning booklet.


10.30 – 10.50


10.50 – 11.50

English – One Chance


Today you will be reading an extract from the story and investigating how vocabulary choices infer about the characters.


Task 1:

Read the extract carefully and highlight the words which tell us what Sarah is like. Then explain what the extract tells us about Sarah.


Task 2:

Use the information in the extract to compare the outside and inside. What contrasts does the author show?


11.50  - 1pm

Lunch time


Online session

1.20 – 2.15 pm


Below are the links to this week’s videos from SHAPE partnership. These will help to keep children active and develop coordination, flexibility and fitness. There is also a video to support wellbeing and a short breathing exercise for children to do at home:


Keeping the E in PE lesson:

KS1 PE Circus Adventurer:

Physical Activity session:

Well-being session:

Yoga with SHAPE:


There are also lots of activities to do at:

2.30pm – 3.00pm


The link below has online guidance and activities for adults to work through with children at home. Please choose any of the activities which you would like to do with your child. There are discussion topics and games to help children to better understand their relationships and their place in the world.



Online session

English - One Chance