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Monday 22nd February

English 9:00am - Fair Trade Week 

Do you already know anything about Fair Trade? 

  • Use the powerpoint and the text to gather information about Fair Trade. 
  • You can write things you already know in one colour, and things you have gathered and learnt in a different colour around the Fair Trade logo. 
  • There are questions to answer when you have finished reading the text. 


Maths 10:30am

  • Number of the day - 3 digit number 
  • Multiplying by 3 

*remember multiply means groups of* 


Topic 1pm 

You have a knowledge organiser to keep for this week where you can gather and write your information about Fair Trade. 

What comes from where? 

Look through the information to see which fair trade products come from which country 

Can you put this information onto the blank map? 

EG. You could draw a banana in the right country on the map to show where bananas comes from

Don't forget to label the countries, too. 

You can then research any other fair trade products and add them to the map

Can you find out about fair trade football and where that comes from? Add this to your map 

Can you find any other foods and where they come from?  Add this to your map 


Aut3.11.1 - Multiply by 3