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Monday 23rd November



LO:  Use line graphs to solve problems

Watch the video here

Work through the worksheet alongside the video.


15 minutes of TT Rockstars. We are involved in a rock tournament in competition with Miss Riley’s class.


English – Reading for Pleasure


Lesson 1 – To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection

For this lesson you will need a pencil, some plain paper and colouring pencils might be useful too.

Keep your reading river and bring it in to school, it would be lovely to be able to talk about the books that we have enjoyed and it helps us when we are thinking about buying new books for school. We could even put some of them on display to help others to choose new books to read.



Choose an activity from your pack - a reading comprehension or a SPAG mat


15 minutes on Spelling Shed – I have set up an assignment for this week.

Reading a book of your own choice.




Purple Mash – all children should have their log ins for Purple Mash

We have been learning how to code.

Have a go at the 2Code Activities – Chimp,

Night and Day

Newton and the Apple

Have a go at a free code scene or have a look at the Minecraft hour of code that some of you have been doing in class. Remember to check and see how many code blocks you can do it in (at the top of the workspace) and try and match it – you can use repeat blocks to ensure you don’t have to type in the same code over and over.


You have had a lot of screen time today – why not do something offline? – Read a book, play a game, listen to music or take some time to engage in a hobby.


Try and do some form of exercise today – You could run round the garden, play a game or use an online activity like Joe Wicks or Go Noodle