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Monday 25th January

Daily active challenge Go for Gold!! 

Try hurdling over something (or just jumping!):

Bronze: 1 minute

Silver: 3 minutes

Gold: 5 minutes


English 9:00am -

  • Do you know anything about how plants grow? Brainstorm what you already know. 
  • Read through 'Life of a plant poem.' Write down or draw what you have found out from it about how plants grow. 
  • Then have a read through 'how plants grow' information sheet. 
  • Again, draw or write anything you find out. Look for information about what plants need to grow.. (you might need this knowledge later in topic) 



Maths 10:30 am -

Number of the day - pick your own 3 digit number

Add two 3 digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100 

The golden rule for today = 10 ones = one ten and 10 tens = one 100 



Topic 1:00pm -

Where is the best place to grow cress? 

  • Think back to this mornings English and use what you learnt to decide on 3 different places where you could grow your cress. Make sure each place will have different conditions for your cress, in order to see which place/conditions are best. 
  • Think of 1 place where you think the cress will grow well. 
  • Think of 1 place where you do not think the cress will grow well. 
  • Think of 1 place where you are not quite sure and would like to find out. 


  • Go and set up your cress seeds in these 3 different locations (you may need a grown up to help you if possible. Try on your own first though!) 
  • Write on your cress diary sheet the places you have decided on across number 1 , 2 and 3. (Keep this sheet safe, you will need it everyday) 
  • In the Monday box, draw and write a few words about what the cress looks like in each location. 
  • At the bottom of the sheet you will see the word prediction.  Write down here what you think will happen with the cress seeds in each location. Which location do you think will help the seeds grow best? Why? Which location do you think will not help the seeds grow? Why?