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Monday 8th February

English 9:00am 

This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year, which falls on Friday. 

  • Read through the story (see below) of the Great Race - Chinese Zodiac. Underline or colour over any important information. 
  • Write down what you have remembered from the story
  • Watch the video of the Zodiac - to see the story in action 
  • Make more notes of anything you missed
  • Think - which animal out of those is your favourite? Why? What do you know about that animal? 
  • Fill out the sheet below
  • Aim to remember 5 main points from the story to retell to somebody else. 

Maths 10:30 am

  • Number of the day - challenge yourself to think of a 3 digit number that might need exchanging when you add or subtract 10 
  • Making equal groups 

Topic 1:00pm 

  • Use the information you gathered from this morning about the Great Race of the animals to work out what order they finished the race and what order they then come in in Chinese Astrology. 
  • Can you work out what each year will be using the great race? 
  • Fill out the grid from the sheet 

(If goes in the order in which they finished the race) 


  • Challenge - work out what animal you are. 

Research that animal using the video below to see what your animal says about you. 

Resources for English

Aut3.10.1 - Make equal groups - sharing

Resources for Topic

The Chinese Zodiac For Beginners