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Money and Mood

B.B.C. Bitesize- The Decimal System (Coinage).

An introduction to the historical use of shells and beans for buying and selling. Roman and Tudor coins are then introduced before moving on to our present day decimal coinage.

Magic of Making - Money!

With so many kids demanding pocket money all over the place the Royal Mint just has to keep busy! See how the Mint makes money for countries all over the World!

Money can’t buy you happiness or can it?

Have you ever thought 💭 about how money 💴 can affect people’s mood? Read the following scenarios and think about how the different characters may feel.

Using coins

In the modern era with preference for card payment, it’s not surprising that some children find calculating amounts of money and change difficult. Practice your skills with this website.

The Money Maze

Go through the maze, collecting and losing your money as you go.

Which route gives you the highest return? How much is it?
Which route gives you the lowest return? How much is it?