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eBook access at home 


Parents and carers can now gain access to Monster Phonics ebooks.  These books are a fabulous addition to our home/school reading books.   The national curriculum now states that children must have access to phonically decodable books containing just the sounds the individual child knows.  These books link directly to your child's phonic skills and the order the sounds are taught in the Monster Phonics scheme.   


To gain access to the ebooks please click on the link below


You will be asked to fill in an email address and password.  Please fill in YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL and a password of your choice.


Next you will be asked to enter your child's name.


Then you will be asked to enter an address.  DO NOT ENTER YOUR HOME ADDRESS.  Enter the school's address: Highfield Lane, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8AZ


Finally you will be asked to fill in the name of the school.


This will generate a secure login.  

Monster Phonics Speech Sounds and Letter Formation

This is "Speech Sounds and Letter Formation" by MonsterPhonics on Vimeo.

Monster Phonics Teaching Phrases


My go, your go


Blending for reading

Blend the sounds, read the word. 

Point to each sound as you say it then draw a line L to R under the word as you blend the sounds.  Point to the sounds when the children are reading and draw the line.

Segmenting for spelling

Say the sounds, peel your fingers, write it down.

Say each sound in the word, peel a finger to each sound you say, write it down (don’t say the word as a whole once you’ve segmented it.)